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Taiwan’s H. Spectrum and 5 biotech companies to cooperate on innovation

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Asia's largest biomedical accelerator, H. Spectrum announced last weekend that it will collaborate with five major companies on a range of innovative medical technologies during the Trans 2018 digital health conference in Taipei on Sept. 8-9.

Global giants Bayer, Merck, and GE Ventures have come aboard, and will collaborate with H. Specturm on applications of artificial intelligence, and to explore new opportunities with U.S. tech company NVIDIA, according to Liberty Times.

Taiwan's H. Spectrum is the largest biomedical startup accelerator in Asia, and strives to foster entrepreneurship through creative advisory. The accelerator recently outlined an international expansion plan, through which it will collaborate with Wisconsin biotech organizations BioForward, Sutter Health, and Lab Central.

H. Spectrum signed the strategic partnership during the Trans 2018 digital health conference, which was organized by H. Spectrum and Foxconn. The conference brought together some of the world's most influential biomedical, venture capital, and medical companies.

The conference focused on ways to improve collaboration between companies, and to foster Taiwanese innovation. Presentations on how Blockchain, Internet of Things, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence can be used to address medical problems were made, according to the Liberty Times.

Precise details about the nature and the form of the strategic cooperation will be outlined in the future.

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