TRANS Healthcare Conference


21th-23th Aug. 2020

Through TRANS Conference, H. Spectrum creates a platform where entrepreneurs, experts, investors, and students can exchange ideas. Each year, TRANS creates new horizons in meeting the needs of the participants.  

TRANS is the stage to demonstrate sustainable solutions for major global health challenges.


H. Spectrum打造了一個創業家、專家、投資者及學生能相互交流的平台。 敬請期待 TRANS 2020,與其他上千位和你一樣對生醫新創懷抱熱血與衝勁的創業者,一同感受生醫趨勢的脈動、新創產品展覽的震撼以及與大師創業家和創投巧遇的機會。

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